Bill discounting platform on Blockchain

Peer-to-bussiness market-place.

How it works

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Organization has acconts receviable due in certain days, and wants to discount it.
Union will split the invoice to multiple smart contracts.
Investor will discount the smart contract of an invoice.

Investor Benefits 

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Blockchain Secured

Union Soluton is based on blockchain technology, lending and borrowing will be done through smart contracts which are legally enforceable.

Short Term

Invest your access money for 30-90 days. Discount invoices of blue chip companies for short term investment.

Reduced Risk

Recourse is always on blue chip companies. Their SAP/ERP is integrated reducing the chances of risky investment.

Business Benefits


Union integrates with organization's SAP/ERP, so there is no heavy documentation as in traditional bill discounting.

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Quicker TAT

Get quick access to working capital due to fully automated system.

Flexible Terms

Set your own terms to borrow loan, discounting percentage will be set by the organization themselves.

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Our Partner

Cinque Terre

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