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Why Union ?

At Union, we believe that every individual or organization with a need for liquidity and with the ability to repay should be able to save collaboratively without much hassle and friction. However the current model or the traditional financial system, suffers from following disadvantages:

Inefficient and Time Consuming

Typically process takes 4-5 days to finish given the borrower has a credit history available and a good credit score. The borrower is derived of his working capital till the time his documentations are verified, and this being a manual process, is extremely inefficient and time consuming.

Costly Intermediaries

Banks or agents levy hefty service charges or transactions fees against the amount which creates further friction in the ecosystem as well as makes financial institutions lose their competitive advantage.

Increased Chances of Fraud

As the application moves through the entire lifecycle of transaction the chances of fraud or documentation tampering increases. It may further lead to funds being disbursed to the wrong entity as well as the chances of fraudsters exploiting the ecosystem increases.

What is Union ?

Union is a blockchain collaborative savings platform which connects individuals and organisation from all across the world in a trusted, frictionless ecosystem, and allows them to create and utilise diverse disintermediated financial products and solutions. Leveraging the blockchain technology as well as ethereum based smart contracts we have created a solution which is:

Fully Automated

Fully automated blockchain powered ecosystem for instant transaction settlement.

Faster access to capital

Our robust scoring and rating system makes sure that the funds are sent instantly in a completely transparent and secure manner to individuals or SME’s.

No Costly Intermediaries

Union removes any costly intermediaries from the process and allows individuals and organizations to connect directly and enter into a mutually agreed transaction.

Union Product Offerings:


Union Advances (UA)

A smart contract to automate the entire process of bill discounting. Individuals discounting their own company's bill or on behalf of the firm, will be able to leverage their social standing score in the Union to get a better borrowing terms, and discounts.

Union Social Commitments

Individuals within the platform can create a commitment contracts, and upon successful completion of the contract, individuals can receive a positive score towards their social standing.

Pool Image

Union Pool

A decentralize platform for Collective Investment Schemes. Smart contract to automate saving and lending process amongst trusted friends.

Union Lending Authentication (ULA)

Algorithm to calculate the social standing score based on various factors such as timely payment of previously participated Union Pool, fulfilled union social commitments, social media accounts, etc.

Meet Our Team

Kamal Anandani


Amitesh Sahu


Nikisha Biyani

Solution Architect

Prakash Verma

Marketing and Communications Head

Kaushalpal Singh

Product Development

Our Advisor


Joe Goh

University of Oxford alum. Joe is senior manager at PwC Malaysia. He is working under the Technology (Advisory) Line of Service, which has a portfolio of expertise to deliver a full range of technology-led services

Virender Singh

Virender Singh is SAP service delivery manager at TCS U.S. He has over 12 years of international IT project management experience in delivering transformational business-driven technology solutions for clients. A blockchain enthusiast, Virender is solving business problem using blockchain.

Chris Jin

CFA, MBA in Finance, MA in International Business. Financial product expert. Previously held positions, treasury in Ford Motors, and Investment Manager in China construction Bank. Chris is advising Union team on product development.

Peter Roth

MBA in Finance. Peter’s background is in commodities trading and agriculture, who currently manages the blended swine product portfolio for United Animal Health.Peter is advising Union team on marketing and customer engagement.

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