Invoice Discounting Platform

Fully Digital, Faster & Most Efficient.

How it works

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Organization has accounts receivable due in certain days, and wants to discount it.
Union will connect these organizations with multiple NBFCs/Banks.
Financier (NBFCs/Banks) will discount the invoice.

Financier Benefits 

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Blockchain Secured

Union is based on blockchain technology, lending and borrowing contracts will be digitally secured on blockchain.

Short Term

Invest money for 30-90 days. Discount invoices of reputed companies for short term investment.

Reduced Risk

Loan backed by assurance of reputed companies. 2-way authentication for validating the invoice using ERP Integration.

Business Benefits


Union integrates with organization's SAP/ERP/Accounting System, so there is no heavy documentation as in traditional discounting.

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Quicker TAT

Get quick access to working capital due to fully automated system.

Flexible Terms

Flexible terms for every invoice. Get better rates every time.

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Image placeholder Amitesh Sahu
Image placeholder Kamal Anandani
Image placeholder Prakash Verma
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Our Advisors

Image placeholder Anil Birla

Mr. Anil has 20+ years of experience in SME/MSME Banking . Previously held key positions at Citi & RBL Bank. Presently he is a Senior consultant with Arete and IFC. Advising Union on creating a sustainable, and scalable business model.

Image placeholder Virender Singh

SAP service delivery manager at TCS U.S. Virender has over 12 years of international IT project management experience in delivering transformational business-driven technology solutions for clients. Virender is advising Union on integrated systems solutions.

Image placeholder Joe Goh

University of Oxford alum, Joe was a senior manager at PwC Malaysia. He is working under the Technology Advisory Line of Service, which has a portfolio to deliver a full range of technology-led services. Advising Union on technology and marketing verticals.